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Campanario Entertainment is a 360° entertainment company.

Based in Los Angeles and in Mexico City, we create premium and awe-inspiring film, television, music, and live experiences for both global territories and local audiences in the US and Latin America. We do it from our distinct perspective. On multiple platforms and in multiple languages. With heart. And with style. Campanario Entertainment brings people together. To feel alive.

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What We Believe

We believe the electric Latin spirit should be celebrated and shared.

So we take the very best digital content and events from the US and bring them to Mexico and Latin America. And we take the very best from Mexico and Latin America and bring them to the US. We are a bridge — for audiences and for Hollywood.

We believe in powerful partnerships.

For our industry colleagues, we are your go-to Latin partner, your expert guide, a true one-stop shop. We deliver original and adapted productions on-time and under budget, with a commitment to excellent storytelling, top talent, and outstanding quality. We’re efficient, innovative, and good to work with.

We believe in delight. 

For both English- and Spanish-speaking audiences, we tell stories that delight. The world is busy and complicated. Our entertainment helps you do the most important thing in life: enjoy it. With us, you’ll laugh with your family together on the couch, sing in the shower—or in traffic—and dance with those you love at a concert. That shared joy is in our name, the ringing hallmark of any town celebration.

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Expert Communicators

We like to say that we speak three languages: English, Spanish and Hollywood. These are all the worlds we inhabit. We cross into and out of all of them daily. We know the industry, the markets, and the diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. This gives us a deep understanding of what drives, motivates, and excites both artists and audiences alike.

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Based in the Heart of it All

With offices and teams in both Hollywood and the vibrant Mexico City, we are uniquely positioned to work with creative partners—as well as helm and manage a wide breadth of productions—in both the US and in Latin America. That infrastructure, now ten years strong, allows Campanario to offer the industry and audiences the very best of both worlds.

Top IP, Talent + Partners

With years of combined experience in the US and Latin American markets, Campanario has early access to IP and up-and-coming talent. We work with the most successful Spanish-language media companies in the world and with Hollywood’s biggest producers and distributors, like Netflix, Prime Video, and Bravo. In our proudest moments, we bring them all together.

Premier Product

We believe in excellence, on screen, for your ears, and in person. We also know that high-quality does not necessarily mean high-budget. We work hard—and smart—to deliver premium results within the economic parameters that the entertainment business demands. We are flexible and efficient, always with an eye on the bottom line and on the audience experience.


Powerful Track Record

We premiered our first series, Camelia La Texana, on Telemundo to some of the network’s highest ratings ever. Our flagship English-language series, Selena, was a ground-breaking hit for Netflix (US). And we were recently nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for La Flor Más Bella. For over a decade, we have built a track record of success and impact as we celebrate the Latine voice in all forms.

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Focused Forward

We have made a commitment, inside and out, to be an integral part of the future of storytelling, exploring ways that new and innovative production techniques and upcoming technologies can help us light up the heart and soul of audiences worldwide. We see what's coming, and we're right there to maximize the opportunity.

How We're Different

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noun. Spanish word for bell tower. In many countries, the bell tower is located in the center of town, used for major announcements and celebrations of all kinds.

Who We Are

What We Believe

How We're Different

Meet the Team

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